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We'd say our teachers are best around - but we're biased  
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Jane took her first pole dancing class in September 2012 and was instantly mesmerized by the crazy tricks and sensual body movements that were possible with this new found art. Jane loves the understanding of body movement and the new types of strength she has gained and perhaps most of all, the sisterhood of support from kickass group of women at She.

Jane is a part of the Grindhouse Girls dance troupe and when she's not hanging upside down, she is an environmental scientist. Specializing in FlyGym, Pole Conditioning & Pole dance basics & Beginner She'll see you on the dance floor.



Info coming soon ....


SHE is breaking in the dance floor in our new location! We continue to offer the best mix of one-on-one training, class learning, freestyle and performance preparation.

Monique VP (or Mama SHE as we like to call her) has designed her classes to help you become a strong, well-balanced and confident dancer. Our skilled instructors are trained to motivate and build your strength and skills at your own pace.


Whether it's your first time pole dancing or even if you are a seasoned pro, we are here to teach and support you. Our award winning instructors are ready to motivate and challenge you to meet all your fitness goals. You have already started your transformation by checking us out, now take some time for you, let your hair down and dance it out.


Build your strength and flexibility with our unique dance and fitness classes to improve your posture, aerial hoop to tap into those circus dreams and get that lean sexy dancers body, all while letting out your wild side with our pole dance and choreography classes.


SHE is open to ALL dance and fitness levels. We are here to boost your confidence and let the results come naturally. More than just a fitness and dance facility, SHE is a kick ass gang of women that support and encourage one another to conquer those goals. See you on the dance floor!


"She believed she could, so she did."

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