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Flagship Choreo classes

This is what we're known for.

Want to know how to move like a she babe? These are the classes to take!

Focus on musicality, dance aesthetics & fluidity.

New choreo every month!

Pole Dance & Heels series, Dirty Heels. Flexotic. Split Grind Crawl. Cheeky SHE.


Flow classes

Can't commit to a full month but still want to dance?

Then these classes are for you!

New flow every 2 weeks

Flow series. Beyond the Basics. 


"Craft" - Technique classes

Tricks based classes!

Focus on breaking down the minute details to perfect the craft.

PoleCraft. HeelCraft. Balanced. 

Movement classes

Move like YOU.

Movement classes are prompt based class.

Small focus on self expression and developing your movement vocabulary.

Find Your Flow. Evoke. Slither. Fluid.

Strength & Flexibility

Development of overall strength and flexibility needed for movement.


Professional Development

Premium workshops to take dancers to the next level.

Craftship. NightCraft.

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