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Inversion Program - April 2021

Want to get your invert?
Smooth out your entry into your aerial invert? 

Work on different entries into your invert?
Build your endurance so you can invert continuously?

This is a six week program starting April 5, 2021 for those interested in learning and perfecting their inverts. This program will be led by Monique with Jessica assisting.

Please express your interest in the program by filling out the short survey below with your inversion goal & availability.

This 6-week program will be $180 +HST but She babes on a reoccurring monthly plan can purchase for $150 +HST. You will be invoiced once the program is confirmed. 

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Six 1-hour

in-studio classes

There will be six 1-hour classes with the first focused on introducing all the conditioning exercises that will help you nail your inverts! The remaining sessions will be tailored to getting your closer to your inversion goals! 


self accountability

Participants of this program will be invited to a Inversion Challenge on the Wix app. Here, you will find your conditioning regime and you can mark it off as you go along to stay accountable! Understanding that not everyone have a pole at home, the at-home conditioning exercises will be off-the-pole.

Each week you will be given additional conditioning/technique homework in class that are specifically tailored to help you achieve your goals.

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Group motivation

Share your challenges and successes in the dedicated Wix Group! The group will be moderated so that you will get feedback and tips from your peers & instructors.


three guided

open pole

Bi-weekly open pole time dedicated to those registered in this session. You can use this time in-studio to go through the conditioning regime in a group setting and/or work on your individual homework. An instructor will be on site to answer questions & give feedback.

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